Elements of Art: Lines

Famous works of art found to demonstrate the art element of lines.

This drawing was made using watercolors and graphite. Its lines create a pattern of filigree wreathes and flowers.
The tall vertical lines show the strength and power of the cliffs and the castle.
The author of this drawing used lines to shade the hilt of the axe by using hatching.
This map was created using ink and pigments on paper, and its lines show the continents and they give a description of the worlds geography.
The lines in this house plan show the architecture of the future house. In the landscape they show a description of what they want the grounds to look like.
The use of vertical lines in this landscape bring the viewers eyes across the page, while the vertical lines draw your eyes up and down.
In this building's stained glass window, lines show the details in it and give it shape. The lines of the structure itself show its dimensions.
The vertical lines of the church show its strength and the vertical lines of the cliff show its height and power. The horizontal lines of the clouds and landscape show the vastness of the space.
The horizontal lines of the villa give the impression of the safety and stability of a home.
In this photograph, the vertical lines of the building show its strength, while the horizontal lines show its stability.
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