visual arts portfolio

April Rush

The lines within this piece of artwork are created by the horizon, and the arms of the persons painted. The light colors of the sky and the Madonna’s dress draws the attention to the child.
The lines used in this portrait are vertical. The artist uses the hedges, dark drapery, and the fur lining of the man’s cloak to draw attention to the man’s face. The colors used for the landscape adds to lighten the portrait overall.
This painting uses the lines of the landscape to draw the viewers attention from right to left. The different color hews starting from lightest at the top working downward to the more distinct images halfway down the painting. This is an oil painting on canvas.
This oil painting on wood has an arch on the top of the medium. The arch creates a visual line that directs the eyes to the cherubs at the top of the artwork. The dark colors of the clouds creates a line between the cherubs and the persons around Jesus. The artist uses bright colors for the clothing of others further back and neutral colors closer to Jesus so the eye is naturally drawn to Christ’s figure.
This sculpture of Medusa’s head is made of partially gilt silver. The shape of the artwork is circular to bring attention to the head itself. Thus making the lines of this pieces flow in a circular motion instead of straight across or diagonal. The face of Medusa seems to be coming out of the plate itself because of the less amount of depth used in Medusa’s snake trellises’.
The artist of this drawing used black chalk and white chalk for highlighting. The artist does not use any background other than simple highlighting. The depth and dimension of this portrait are made from the different shading. There is nothing other than the use of light and darkness to make image. The flowing lines of the woman’s braided hair and texture of her collar and shirt are all created with shading.
Credits: All media
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