A number of landscapes that show natures true COLOR. All of these pieces seem to share wonderful earthy tones and beautiful warm colors to bring light into the image.

The use of all the greens, browns, and greys in this combined with the tint of what appears to be a yellowish highlight is amazing.
Another landscape that uses lots of browns and greys, along with some green, but the bright yellow and orange used for the lighting is gorgeous.
This is my personal favorite, the greens, browns, greys, and with the lighting using yellows, pinks, and whites this is a stunning image.
The colors in this image are a bit different, still with the browns and greens, with some emphasis on the green, but theres a lot of blue. I think this is a wonderful piece that still fits in.
A prime example I think for a landscape, great usage of the earthly tones, wonderful yellows and oranges to brighten it up. This is perfect.
There are tons of brown and grey used here, with a slight hint of green in the small plants that linger.
I especially like this piece because of the greens being much darker, the browns being lighter, and all the orange! Most landscapes its the browns that are dark and the greens that are light.
Again another good example of all the browns and greens, some greys used in the water and the sky, this is another good example of the earthly tones being put to good use.
This piece is a bit different from the rest, thats why I like it. There are still a lot of grey and brown used here, maybe some very dark greens. But I love how the same basic colors are used here.
I also chose this piece for being a bit different, though there is some green and brown, I love the mix in or purple and all the yellow I see.
This is another picture perfect example of how a landscape should use earthy tones, a range of greens, a range of browns, greys used to give it depth. This is a great piece.
I love the brightness of this picture, the greens are sort of vibrant, the browns are lively rather than dull or dark, the greys and blues make the water and sky look fantastic.
Another brighter image, again I chose an image for the usage of purple mixed with the browns and greens, I think they play well off each other, this is beautiful.
this whole image just screams earth tones to me, ninety percent of this picture is a shade of green or brown. still a beautiful picture, I think the hint of blue really helps.
This image is a bit darker but still has a lot of the common characteristics with the other landscapes, I also like the use of orange and yellow to kind of brighten up the center of the image.
You can clearly see the lush green, the light browns on the buildings, but I specifically like the different greys and blues on the horizon here.
I love this image for the deep blues of the water and the reflection in the water as well, there is still the common usage of the greys, browns, and greens here.
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