K.Kyle Beauty of the world

While beauty on this big blue marble is seen differently by people I've chosen several works of art that I feel are beautiful by both color and subject matter.  I hope you enjoy my selections.

The title "Water Lilies" is self explaining. Monet painted his pond with water lilies and reeds. Some of the lilies are blooming in yellows, violet and white. He has spaced the subjects into threes, bottom, top right and top left allowing the viewer to flow thru the painting.
The colors are dark except where the sun is shinning thru the trees. You can see the shadows are long and dark indicating a sunrise. The sky has that light pink pale blue hue to it that indicates the day has started pure.
The contrast of colors here catches your eyes. The sky is bright with whites and blues. The buildings are different shades of brown. The shadows of the building show the different colors of the alley.
Here we have lovely greens of the grasses, trees and the background. The skies are filled with big white puffy clouds that almost look like candy cotton. The road that travels thru the middle of the painting is tan and you can see people walking on the sidewalk.
Here Julian Onderdonk has captured the deep blue of the Bonnets in the valley all the while the tops of brush and trees have a pink hue to them. Mr. Onderdonk was an Impressionist as it shows in all of his paintings. When you get up close to the painting it's hard to see what is happening but from afar you can see the scenery the way it's intended.
Darker colors are used here to depict the autumn sunlight. The reds and browns in the landscape shows how all the foliage is dying off and preparing for winter. The colors give you the feeling that it's cold here. Even the sky has the hue of winter weather.
The painting here pops with loud bold colors. The ocean is a deep blue with white waves they make you almost hear them crashing on the beach. The people are in the middle of the scene are dressed in colorful swimsuits of the era, orange, black, blue and brown.
This painting has a calming effect with the bright light pastel colors. The dress almost is lost in the rocks the lady is resting in to read her book. The ocean in the far background is a dark blue and the sky is a light blue pastel color. The whole painting gives you the feeling that it's a brisk day on the beach.
When you say Norman Rockwell you think of "The Saturday Evening Post" his art was the cover of this magazine 300 times. Here he has depicted the Civil Rights Movement of a child going to school. There are five figures here four of which are grown men in suits two are in darker grey suits the other two in light grey all have a yellow armband with "Deputy US Marshall" on them. The little girl is wearing a white dress with her book and ruler in her hand. They are walking on a sidewalk and the wall behind them is off white in color and a derogatory word painted on the wall with the stain of tomato.
The colors here are more black and white but you see the tension and emotion. The shadows of the mob pointed towards the three young men. One young man is laying face down in pain from the angry mob attacking him while another young man is holding onto the third for both comfort and protection. The only other color is red it represents the blood of the young man holding on. The colors depict a very scary and cold emotions.
Credits: All media
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