Myths of The Gods and Hero's ..            Christiana Swain

My Gallery will explore Greek Mythology’s Heroes and the cycles of stories surrounded by various events that intrigue us to this day. The medium will consist of Oil on Canvas paintings and represent the true beauty of classic Greek mythology art.

David and Goliath by Guillaume Courtois (1650-uses shape, space and the value of color to give this dramatic painting the power it deserves. With cotton ball type clouds shows a defeat creating death and realism the is an emotional piece.
In this painting by Sandro Botticelliii “The Birth of Venus (1483-1485)” we see Venus rising up in a very rhythmic and sensual pose with the winds blowing from the Zephyrs the Ancient Goddess of Love Venus is rising towards the Hora of Springtime yet Venus is very modest the painting portrays such beauty and softness with the use of symmetry the flow and translation and contrast of color makes this painting very intriguing.
In the painting Perseus Confronting Phineus with the Head of Medusa Sebastian Ricci paints with such beautiful techniques just looking at the forms of the mens bodies and the definition of the muscles shows the use of how lifting played a big part in making this painting come to life and how each shape has a dynamic effect to the painting and the flow and movement of the clothing. Tis painting shows the tension of a battle and men being turned into stone.
Credits: All media
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