Elements OF art and Design 

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Texture: This drawing shows a lot of texture, the lines the artist uses are very curved and look three dimensional. The texture in this picture is implied.
Shape: In this painting the artist (Lee Seahyun) uses a lot if shapes to make up the painting. Lee uses rectangles, squares, and triangles.
Color: In this drawing the artist (Choi Wook-kyung) uses a lot of colors. Choi uses some blue which sets off a very calm vibe. Choi also uses some yellow to brighten up the drawing.
Line This drawing, by Lee u-fan, shows of how to use lines very well. Lee uses straight lines in this drawing but he also makes them faded.
Form: In this painting even though there are no lines or structure to it, the artist still makes up tress and a skyline which shows form.
Value: This drawing shows value with all the shading and the different degrees of light and dark.
Space: The artist (Theodor Philipsen) here uses space very well. He positions the animals very well to add depth and in a way make the painting look three dimensional.
Credits: All media
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