mysteries of intensity glow

I chose Color , as my theme , I mostly looked at paintings that caught my curiosity or affection towards nature and what also speaks to me.

It looks like a walk during the winter season , I see around all the garbage there isn't much but you can clearly see wooden boards and such . The person standing alone for me means it must be thinking about life
I love the fact how the intensity of the water flows in the background with the little city and mountains . And the boats it shows part of what mostly sometimes water is about and that is looking at nature and not endangering it.
I find this mural quite interesting , it show story between wild animals like the tiger and I guess what i got from the person he might be a hunter.
If you look at the girls face yeah you can clearly see she is devastated and sad , 'cause she is a peasant, but , maybe also if you look at her eyes in a way I can feel she is a little happy to be surrounded by the tulip flowers.
Autumn leaves in Japan for me it looks like cherry blossoms but , it looks like in a way this is the Niagara Falls also in the left corner , down you can see a women looking into the distance , she is next to the tree she appears to be admiring the view.
I love the fact of how the peonies look here . First of all , I didn't knew Peonies were popular in Japan but hey you learn stuff everyday , also the background with the bird is quite inspiring to write , it compares beautifully with the color of the peonies by being majestic.
I heard sometimes people saying flowing water are like your feelings , if the water flows slow your emotions are in control and if the water flows as fast as it could , it means , sometimes that emotions cannot be controlled .
I like how the light appears it looks in a way , that is still sunset but the moon is out over the waterfall and it looks like the waterfall is reflecting the moonlight.
As what I can see from this picture is a ying-yang thing. As in the little white fox in the picture is all light and the little leaves in the back are black and represents darkness but there is a little white over them and that means sometimes light can conquer darkness.
From what I can see I think this has to do with animal abuse . That thing that is down on the painting it looks like some kind of whip and its referring to not abuse animals.
As of what I can tell they're different person in this painting although they may not look like it and it looks like in a way the rain is giving her life.
for me this is that even though , a person may be born from a flower or whatever else in life animals or persons or things they still love anyway and love them anyway no matter what.
The little mermaid is one of my favorite princesses but what I think of this piece , is how I believe the fishes are her train of thought of the prince.
They say Owls are wise birds and i believe thats true , this piece is like what i can get that is almost sunset , and owls comes out at night usually so maybe he came out to see the sunset and the flowers are a good combination.
Credits: All media
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