The Use of Line to create movement

In this gallery, I explore Vincent van Goghs extensive use of line to create movement, even if the subject being painted is stationary.

There is so much going on in this forest even though all you see is a couple, some trees , and the undergrowth.
Line creates once again, a serene, yet intense, energetic, and chaotic feel to this painting.
It seems as if the wind is blowing in this scene.
The figures are in motion even thought they are completely still.
You can feel the intensity of this storm thanks to Van Goghs perfect use of line.
The clouds appear to billow out towards the viewer, and the field seems to move around softly, as if being slightly affected by wind.
The sun reverberates across the entire filed in this piece.
This piece is just as beautiful as the better known "The Starry Night piece. The waves in the river seem to move and reflect the light accurately.
You can almost feel each and every blade of grass.
It is easy to tell that the cloud is blowing across the land.
Reminds me of The Starry Night, except in the day, and facing the other direction.
The waves crash and roll with varying intensity in this piece.
Line moves the viewers eyes around the work.
Line creates a sense of unity in this piece.
In perhaps his most famous work, Van Gogh creates a serene, yet intense image. Lines not only move the viewers eyes around the piece, but create a sense of extensive movement.
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