A sense of perspective.

Gain a sense of perspective in this gallery!

The use of perspective here is quite possibly the most stunning out of all of the rest. Here we have the use of an epic scenery giving us both depth and scale. The mountain range in the back to the ravine, to the size of the train to compare to the rest of the scene shows us the use of perspective to give a sense of just how massive this place is.
Paintings such as this use a sense of surreal perspective to give a sense of business in such a small space. This room appears to be very small; but take a look at all these people and works of art in such a small area!
This seems like a maze of arches and buildings! It seems very busy, doesn't it?
How surreal! It seems like the riders in the background are all pictured; even though the way a cart is built in real life would never be able to show an image like this from the side. That dog on the bottom right corner of the painting looks nigh microscopic, another trick of perspective!
Again, this painting looks really surreal. The way this man paints a portrait uses an unreal sense of perspective (possibly an artistic choice).
This painting is really interesting. It looks as if the perspective is off-center. Probably because of the use of columns in the foreground. Take a look at the people in the fore and background. They are perfectly symmetrical in terms of where they are standing!
Much like the first painting; this also uses perspective in a grand scale. This plaza is obviously very large. This is shown by the small, small people in the fore and backgrounds being overshadowed by the buildings and columns. The use of perspective is almost mathematically perfect. Take a look at the building in between the archway. Perfect!
One of the more interesting examples of asymmetry and nonsensical use of perspective. What's going on in this piece? The stairways are going nowhere; and the entire structure just kind of juts out as if it's coming right for you!
Again; the use of perspective here gives us a sense of a very very large room. The architecture feels and looks spacious and grand. The people in the foregrounds look miniscule in comparison to the rest of the piece.
This is a simple use of one point perspective. However; the rest of the piece is interesting. The leads to a very, very tiny hole in the background. Leading, presumably, to the "city" in the far off background.
The perspective used here is intriguing. The figures seem flat in some parts of the background. However; there are some figures that look alive with depth and "life" to them. The top part of the image has the use of one point perspective in a much smaller form.
Here, I think, is the most interesting use of perspective in the piece. First off (and most obvious); it appears that the image is coming towards you/ As if you're inside the piece. The road rounds off to the end; presumably leading to the city in the background. This adds a sense of depth and "mystery" to the picture.
The use of perspective in this last piece is interesting. It seems flat, but, it fools your eyes with the use of shadows to add a sense of shading and depth to the image. This trickery adds a sense of realism and believability to the image.
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