American art work 


In this artwork the scenery is very dark. This scene also depicts how war was back in the day.
In this picture George Washignton is portrayed as a gentelman. He is posing for the painter.
This man is walking on the beach with a weiner dog. He seems to be hunting o n the beach
This man is working as a blacksmith. There is a guy in the back who seems to be his apprentice.
There is no color in this painting which emphasizes how old it is. It looks like he is getting ready for a battle of some sort
The colors that he uses are not that bright but the painting is very beautiful and lively. There is a lot of motion going on in this picture.
The scenery is very lively. This picture focuses more on nature then humans
In this picture it shows the lifestyle of a family in 1835. They dressed very nicely and their homes were well decorated.
In this picture it shows man in glasesses posing next to a plant. This man seems to net be focused on the painting.
this picture shows the ifestyle of many Americans. There is a house and river in the picture.
In this picture it shows a watermelon that has been broken in half. In this painting there is not a lot of bright colors.
This is a photo of a lady with very curlt hair. This shows how many woman with a decent amount of money dressed.
This shows a native person in a beautiful background. He looks like a very important person.
This painting focuse on the everyday life of person from 1808. The houses are very small but the landscape is very grand.
This looks like a swamp. They used a lot of green colors to show how healthy the land is.
In this picture it shows two black squerrels playing around. The artist did not paint the background to show emphasis on the squirrels.
In this picture it shows 4 different kinds of birds. The most dominant bird in this picture is tall and white.
This is a bust of a small child. The artist put a lot of detail in this bust so that it could look exactly like the child.
He reigned over france from 1775-1799. He was a very important person.
This is avery important bust of one of the founding fathers. He was also a civic leader in Philadelphia.
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