I Likey

Represents the age of war and violence we have all grown accustom to in our personal lives and entertainment.
Has an industrial feel with a modern twist. Love the colors
I love zombie everything. Zombies are very symbolic of the typical 21st century generation.
Anything macabre catches my attention because even in the eeriest places, you can still find beauty.
Shows hard work and deterioration of women over a lapse of time
Love the design.
Love how rough this looks but it still has a clean feeling.
Has an industrial feel with a dark twist. Almost looks like a robot
Women at work. Love it
Love how you can have a sense of the feeling of someone who has their picture taken. I feel a lot of pride from this pic
Love pictures from everyday life. The human planet is incredible as it is filled with the most amazing creatures that do incredible things
Graffiti to me represents an outcry from the public. They represent messages that someone thought was important enough to share with the entire locale.
Black and white photos allow us to not get distracted by anything other than the pure beauty of the architecture in the picture.
I love the bright colors and blended nature of the paint. Very go-with-the-flow.
Love how it is unique and so alive with color and emotion with the dark colors
Love the 3d effect of the art
I love the color blue and in this picture, this blue is mesmerizing.
Love how this shows poverty and hard work and shines a romantic light on it
Love graffiti and I love skulls
The architecture in NY is incredible. Buildings everywhere. Buildings on top of buildings. Shows how fast populations grow and how no matter what, we welcome the expanding fast world.
This seems playful to me and I love the blue.
Classic. Love the swirlies
Bright, happy, colors used in a playful fun way
Fantastic detail for a street art presentation. Street artists are talented
This looks a cop to me in zombie form. Cops are just another form of mob/gang that follow orders blindly without having a thought for themselves
viva la revolution!
My hero <3
I love this street art. Shows how we live in an age where everyone is constantly taking pictures and without us even knowing it, we are under surveillance most of the time.
This looks beautiful, would love to visit there someday. Has a peaceful feel. It looks like a quiet place
I myself partake in collage-y arts and crafts. I can appreciate others doing the same. Nice tones and unity of color and I love the cold, metal look
I love chaotic paintings such as this. Depending on what mood you are in, it can change the way you perceive it on any given day. Today when I view it, it makes me feel a little angry. Maybe the red?
Love collages and love everyday people
Love the crinkled etched look
Almost looks like someone is hiding behind a bunch of weeds. Gives off a mischievous feel.
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