World War II

World War II began in 1939 and ended in 1945. Many people say that this was by far one of the most bloodiest wars in all human history resulting in over 60 million deaths around the globe. In this gallery, I will be presenting 10 images that were taken during World War II. Some images might contain graphic content.

Paratroopers are seen here falling to their destination. Most of the time, soldiers were scattered all over an island, as seen in this image,, and most of them never find their groups again.
Sailors witness Pearl Harbor as it burns before their eyes.
New York is in celebration as they get the news that Paris had finally been liberated by Allied forces.
This image was taken after the US had dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese land.
In this image we see Jewish prisoners startled to see Allied forces. A well known Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, (second row; 7th guy), described his experience in his book titled Night.
The inside of Buchenwald camp. this camp was responsible for over 43,000 deaths.
This is an Iwo Jima memorial created after the famous flag raise in Iwo Jima, Japan. The American flag was raised by 5 American soldiers after the mountain top ,Mount Suribachi, had been captured.
Graphic Content! Here, we see the distorted skeletal remains of a European prisoner. They say the man had been burned alive, and his body was bent way out of shape, as seen in this image.
Adolf Hitler, one of the most hated persons in all world history, stands beside a small group of his Nazi Army.
This belgian woman is seen struggling in a town that had recently been destroyed along with her three children.
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