I viewed this sculpture and rite away I knew that this was some one of high class. Her crown lets you know she is some type of royalty. There wasn't really much to this sculpture but her stance, crown, let you know that she is a goddess
I had to look at this sculpture a few times to actually see what it has to offer. It shows what looks like a male kneeling down in front of what I think is a female.. This sculpture offers "pygmalion as cold stone is laboriously imbued with warm-bloodedl life. viewing other works from Auguste Rodin you will find similar pieces featuring two-figured pieces aiming to capture the inter-relationshipsof male and female persons
This piece features a women who looks like she is resting comfortably. It appears to be made out of wood , not sure what the bed is made of, or what is hanging on the wall in the background. However, this seems to have great meaning of some sort im just not sure what. Maybe this was the artist pointing out what he dreamed of when he arrived
This piece looks like an old couples having a conversation. The man looks to be in the chair sitting down and his wife standing next to him. Not sure what Gracen was trying to say here, but I found it to be pretty cool.
This one of a buddha was pretty cool to me. Buddhas were very important to India. An extensive and colorful physical description of the Buddha has been laid down in scriptures . This Buddha is missing both hands and both legs and is in the sitting position. It appears to be made out of a marble -like stone.
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