H. Slaughter Shape

This work has abstract elements in the piece because of the way each part in the picture is struchtured on its own
This piece would be explained as a positive shape. This would be a positive shape because the black figure in the picture is the first thing that pops out at when you look at it.
This work of art can be describes as a negative shape because although the back round of this picture can not really be noticed first is is being covered by all the lines and drawings on top of it. But that is why it is negative because it is the area around the parts of the pictures that are most attracting.
This piece of art by Charles Sheeler has rectilinear shapes because you can easily identify them when you look at the work. An example of an object in the work that is rectilinear are the stair and and the frame of the door. They have crisp and pointed edges.
This artwork represents many geometric shapes. You can see the geometric shapes all throughout the picture,because you can see the certain shapes and their pointed edges.
This piece is a very organic piece because you would be able to see these some if the figures used in the natural world. An example of something you would see in the real world can be the moon that is in the top corner, and you would be able to find a hand that is also used in the natural world.
This image would be represented as a non-objective art piece. This would be non-objective because it uses simple shapes and circles that are not being compared to reality.
Low definition would be a good "shape" to describe the piece of work because nothing in this image is 100 percent clear. You can see that the middle of the picture is very complex because there is a lot of things going on at once. And also because there aren't really any sharp edges or figures in the piece.
This artwork is high definition. This is a high definition because you can the whole image is clear and you can see all of the edges and you can see all of the shapes that are there. Everything that you see is sharp and clear.
This artwork has curvilinear shapes. You can tell that there are curvilinear shapes because all in the image there are different lines that are curving to form the different figure in the image.
This piece of the woman reading could be classified as a representational shape because it focuses on one idea or one matter, which is a nude woman reading.
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