Textures of love - Adrian smith jr.

This art gallery includes different images and representations of love. In this gallery you will find different works of art in various textures that represent the feeling or emotion of love throughout the coarse of history. This gallery has been carefully put together to show that we can all learn and benefit by taking a look at art history. 

This particular work of art focuses on the bride on her wedding day. The artist decided to go with the simple colors of black and white to display emotion. The vail that covers her face is very lightly painted so that the viewer can clearly see her facial expressions in this image.
This painting shows an image of a virgin and her child. By far, this is one of the best examples of human love. The artist chose an amazing color scheme for the background and clothing. The artist used darker colors surrounding the virgin and child to put more emphasis on them both.
In this painting, the artist chose to create an image of Adam and Eve. Once again the artist of this painting decided to go with a white and black color scheme to display his image of innocence, love, an affection. He uses very detailed lines, and shadows to show a sense of motion.
This particular work of art is a simple image of flowers in a dimly lit room. This image represents signs of early love. The artist of this beautiful painting uses the very dark background to show emphasis on the flowers. The artist also very carefully placed shadows around the flowers to show a since of direction.
This beautiful work of art is an image of two rabbits enjoying each others company. The artist placed the two rabbits very close together to show a sense of connection or love between the two. The artist also carefully placed them both near the center of the painting in order to provide balance for this wonderful work of art.
In this beautiful painting, the artist decided to paint an image of a woman with her arms around her daughter. This image is a great example of the love between a mother and a daughter. The artist carefully places both woman and child near the center of the painting to provide a sense of balance. He uses the bright color of red show emphasis on the woman.
In this work of art the artist uses the painting to share his image of Venus and Adonis. The image he decided to paint shows her laying up against Adonis, with them staring into each others eyes with the look of love and passion. He also carefully places the two of them near the center to give the painting a sense of balance.
In this wonderful painting, the artist decided to display an image of love by using the image of a woman comforting her child. Jan van Eyck was the artist of this particular painting. He used a brilliant color scheme to really bring forth a sense of emphasis on the woman's dress.
In this wonderful painting the artist decided to use the image of Mary kneeling at the feet of Christ on the cross of his crucifixion to remind us of the unconditional love that he had for us. The artist carefully places a sunset in the background, and uses shadows to give this work of art direction.
This beautiful work of art is titled "Untitled". In this painting the artist decided to paint a romantic love scene of a man and a woman in cartoon form. He chose to us a very unique color scheme to create his image. The lines he used to create this wonderful work of art were very carefully placed. He used the faces of the two people to create a centerline or a center for this work of art.
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