The Austrian Experience During World War I

Katie Elder

This is a seal that was commonly used in Austria-Hungary during the war. I find it interesting because it says, "God punish England." However the text description mentions that Britain and Austria-Hungary did not face each other often during the war. Also, England and Austria-Hungary were only enemies because of their alliances, not because of direct conflict between the two nations.
Although the textbook suggests that Germany and England are the nations most associated with naval buildup, this poster proves that industrialization and naval-buildup was also occurring in Austria-Hungary.
I find this poster interesting because it demonstrates how well war invalids were taken care of. Austria-Hungary even had schools designed to help people injured from the war. This reveals the vast number of people who were harmed both physically and mentally from the war.
This a postcard displaying the Austrian emperor towering over his army. This is interesting because it shows that perhaps the army was following blindly behind Europe's major leaders who sought to increase the power of their empires.
This announcement asks that families save their coffee grounds and deliver them to specific stores so that they can be used to produce oil. This reflects that culture during this time revolved around benefitting the war and industrialization.
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