New York State Of Mind -Gabriela Herrera

The theme for my gallery is the city of New York and all of its happenings. The reason I chose this was because I was born and raised in New York and I consider it a very special place to live, come from, or even be in. The cities atmosphere is contagious and is a very real environment to experience everyday adventures.

What is depicted here are train tracks running through the sight of apartment buildings in New York. This painting screams New York because the city is filled with trains and buildings in plain sight.
What is depicted here are apartment buildings leading up to the Brooklyn bridge, with boats floating along the river beneath the bridge. The painting illustrates a cold atmosphere due to colors used.
Depicted here are people of diversity coming together in a NY public library to read. NY is known for its diversity and use of libraries for people to get away from the busy streets and just read.
What is depicted here are a bunch of classic, old-school looking cars lined up in a parking lot. NY is very traffic-filled and is known for the amount of commotion going on in the streets.
What is depicted here is a mural of a DJ with guards playing music for a crowd in a park with buildings in the background. NYC is known for its love and passion for the arts and especially music.
Depicted here is a mural of a black and white background of an asian boy spraying a colorful bottle of spray paint. NYC can get a little dark sometimes and street art can eliminate that feeling.
What is depicted here is a mural of Biggie Smalls a rapper from Brooklyn, NY. This serves as a memorial of him as he passed away being a legend of rap and an influential figure for aspiring rappers.
Depicted here is an old-school painting of the manhattan bridge, the NY skyline and buildings that fill the city. This painting is a Hollywood style representation of all the things that make NY, NY.
Depicted here is mural of a mother feeding her child and on the side, NY showing support for Japan. The city is a diverse place where unity happens. Street art is perfect for strong statements.
Depicted here is a photograph of a man creating a mural of a large Nike high-top sneaker with designs in the background. New Yorkers are known for their love of sneakers because of all the walking.
Credits: All media
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