elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. -kaleigh roberson

The lines are all over this artwork. There are light lines, dark lines and diagonal lines. There are also cross hatching and hatching lines all through out this piece which help bring out the art work.
This painting is a great example of shapes because they make up this painting. There are large and small shapes, and there are also geometric and organic shapes too.
This painting is a great example of form because everything looks three dimensional. The use of shading also helps bring out the figure and make them look 3D which gives it form.
This painting is a great example of value because of the light and dark use in the painting. It darker in places and lighter in others which gives it value, and also the use of shading helps in creating the value in the painting.
This pieces is a great example of texture. The painting really brings out the fur and you can really tell that the rabbit feels furry and soft.
This is a great example of color because color is everywhere. There are different colors all over this piece which really brings it out because there is color in every shape and aspect of this piece.
This piece is a great example of space. There is positive space and negative space all throughout this piece, the negative space is where nothing is going on and the positive space is where the art takes palce
Credits: All media
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