Inspired by Shelley Jackson's piece of hypertextual art, Patchwork Girl, this gallery presents works that, interrogates placement and wholeness, both in literal and figurative terms. It is somewhat of a cliche to suggest that the self is not a discrete entity, but rather a fragmented form. This collection embraces that cliche, to some extent. However, instead of interrogating the self in relation to the other, or the self in its internal convictions, this collection examines the self uncovered in the external. What of the imprint? What of the shadow? What of the residual touch? What of the skeletal? What of the phantom?

"We're not who we say we are. You're not where you think you are. I'm not where you say I am. You won't get where you think you're going. It's not what we wish it were. We don't think what we think we think. It's not what it says it is. She's not what he says she is. I'm not what you think I am. We don't say what we mean to say. We are not who we wish we were. It's not all you think it is. It's not how they said it was." - appropriated from Shelley Jackson, "Stitch *****: the patchwork girl."