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This Gallery is focused on The Geisha. This Gallery you will find century woodblock prints of ink paintings on color paper that were created to capture the essence of the Geisha and events that happened during that period.The Geisha we’re known as traditional Japanese female entertainers they would act as hostesses and perform various Arts for entertainment for their male guests. The Arts include things such as music dance games and conversation. Some of them even had skill in martial arts. 

This image was created on woodblock print with ink and color paper. Created by Takeuchi Keishu in 1907. The image has a Geisha in what looks like behind a curtain. The image of somewhat mysterious to me, as the Geisha woman looks like she is hiding something or she is getting ready for the day. On the left we have leading lines that go straight to her face. And a cherry blossom branch that also leads to her face. To me it kind of represents their private life and how secretive and quiet they were about it.
This images medium is Woodblock print with ink and color on paper. The print was created by Takeuchi Keishu in 1905. The images of a Geisha sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree as the petals fall from the tree. To me, it looks like the Geisha had just finished drinking tea. The Geisha looks as if she is in some kind of distress because of the tissue on her left. The image shows emptiness as well because the Geisha is positioned on the right with empty space in the middle. This gives the image a feel of emptiness, which reflects upon the Geisha.
This image was created on Woodblock print with ink and color paper. The image shows a geisha woman behind a classic room divider. She is holding a candle lamp and is illuminated by the light that reflects upon her face. The image creates a mysterious feel and shows a historical use of items such as the lamp she is holding.
This image is from the Arthur M Sackler gallery. The image was created on Woodblock print with ink and color on paper. This image represented during the Meiji era during the time Emperor Meiji was in power, between 1867 and 1912. The image displays a geisha woman covered in a green dress that completely covers her keeping her private and disclosed. He is escorting a man and he is looking to his right. To me, it kind of makes me feel like he is worried about getting caught with a geisha. But the Geisha does not seem to be worried.
Depicted in this painting is a Geisha adjusting her hair. She has a panicked expression on her face and it seems that she is in a rush. She holds an object that looks like a small mirror. the compensation of the image created a fixed focus on The Geisha. then letting our eyes wander and look further into it. We see japanise writing and a man next to a street light above her. It looks like it was some form of advertisement or poster flyer.
This image shows a Geisha with a musical instrument. It shows that the geisha had so many different skills to entertain and please their guests in many different forms. the Geisha is looking to the instruments showing the view that it is an important element to the piece. though she is an entertainer she is modest and private we can tell that because she keeps her self-covered and does not show off to much skin. As a geisha it was proper to keep private lives out of the business.
Utagawa Toyokuni created this illustration using woodblock print using ink and color in the late 1700's. It shows a Geisha being treated by a Male samurai. The illustration was used as a form of advertisement for a play. It shows Actors Segawa Kikusaburo as the geisha Kikuno and Arashi Hinasuke as Satsuma Gengobei. The art is very detailed and captures the emotions of the characters. The man is in power over the geisha due to his stance and position, the sword in his hand also shows a form of power. The Geisha is weak and delicate we see this because of her cower in the illustration.
This illustration was created on Woodblock print; ink and color on paper. It is a part of the Takeuchi Keishu created in the early 1900's. The image shows a Geisha feeding a Cow. This image is peaceful to me, it gives off the impression that the Geisha are caretakers. There is a beauty in the way that she feeds the cow and the cow is looking at her for reassurance. The colors are not saturated making the image have a natural look and flow to it.
This Illustration was done on a woodblock print using ink and colors. The illustrations name is Two-Sword Dance. The use of the color red is used to grasp the attention of the viewer and lead them straight to the center. The two Geisha are the center of the attention and all the men are watching them. This was a form of entertainment and one of the many ways the Geisha would entertain their clientele.
This painting is done on a woodblock print using ink and colors. This is a very detailed illustration and shows the secret life of The Geisha. The illustration is called Secret meeting at Night. It shows how some of the geisha would meet with their clients (partners) at night so that the other Geisha in their life would not get jealous. The life of Geisha can be competitive and risky. Geisha would compete to entertain and please the men that were considered clients.
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