Keeping Things in Perspective

Observing the Element of Perspective

I chose this piece because the one point perspective gives the illusion your looking into a hallway
I choose this piece because I love how on the right side of the page your eye is lead into one perspective and on the left side you are taken into another
I choose this piece because the perspective of the paintings makes you feel as if you are looking over the ledge into the ocean
I choose this piece because of the perspective that Van Gogh uses to depict his scene is non tradional but makes this piece unique to himself.
The perspective in this painting makes the girl seem as if she is infront of everything else.
The one point perspective in this image gives you the effect of the soldiers draws you into the plane itself
This image uses atmospheric perspective to give the Whitehouse the effect of being far in the background
This picture uses a bird eye view perspective of NYC and lets you see the hustle and bustle of the city.
The picture's perspective is taken from behind the lady on the bottom right
The table in this picture leads you to the main person in this picture Hurbert Humphrey.
By adding the horizontal fence looking thing at the bottom gives you the perspective that the items are behind it
I choose this picture because the perspective used in this photo is unbelievable.
I choose this photo because I love the one point perspective of this graffiti piece
I choose this picture because the fish eye effect makes the viewers perspective change and makes the bridge look as if its coming out at you
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