Art elements 

Line- Line is the most simple element. There are many types of line. These are: thick, curving, thin, short, jagged, sharp, broken, diagonal, and many more.
Shape- A shape only has height and width witch makes it a 2D area. Shape is usually defined by a line. Not all the time but more yes than no. Organic and geometric are the 2 types of shape.
Form- Objects with width, depth, and height, refer to form. Sculptures or architecture with form you can walk around it, look above it, and even enter it. Most of them are 3D.
Value- Value describes the darkness or lightness of an object. It depends on how much light the surface can reflect. Value is also one of the three properties of color.
Space- The emptiness or area between, around, above, below, or within objects, point out the space. Space can be negative or positive.
Texture- Texture is how an object looks or feels, or looks like it might feel if it is touched. Texture is anticipated by sight and touch. Objects can be rough, smooth, soft, hard, and many others.
Color- Color comes from reflected light. There are three properties that go with color. These are hue, value, and intensity.
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