Greece Project

8 Exhibits representing key points of Greek civilization, arranged chronologically.

These bronze tweezers from the beginning of the Bronze Age. These show the beginning of trade in Greece bringing together copper and tin to make bronze.
This helmet probably part of a set of armor that would have belonged to a hoplite.
The scene on this vase celebrates one of the most renowned works of literature from ancient Greece.
A kylix from Sparta. This would have been used at drinking parties called 'symposia'.
The introduction of coins facilitated trade, both within and between city-states.
Depiction of Athena from the Acropolis. Built during the age of the Delian League.
Depiction of the Persian War from a wall on the Acropolis in Athens. Built during the age of the Delian League, between the two wars with Sparta.
The Athenian Games, among other Games, was a central point of Greek society. Competitors, and especially winners, were highly revered.
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