Classical Heroes Of the Renaissance Filmore hernandez

This gallery will be featuring works of art from the renaissance. More specifically we will be looking at works of art that depict Ancient heroes from the classical age that have awed and inspired people for generations. We will also be taking a look at the heroes of the Renaissance, the artists themselves, who's great works have made them the most famous people of their time.

This painting depicts The ancient hero Hercules as he kicks a Faun off of Omphale's Bed. I chose this painting as the first in my gallery because there are very few heroes as famous as Hercules. The artist Jacopo is considered by some to be one of the last great artists of the renaissance.
This painting is yet another depiction of Hercules together with Deianira and Nessus. This is a great example of how Chiaroscuro is used by the artist to create dramatic scenes.
This picture depicts the hero Pursues as he frees Andromeda. I chose this piece because it depicts heroes and characters from greek mythology that many people are familiar with. Piero was most famous for his paintings of mythological figures.
This engraving is a depiction of Achilles and Chiron. Achilles is incredibly famous for his one weakness, his heel, which became the term for any weakness of an otherwise powerful subject. The artist Georg was a german engraver and painter who was heavily influenced by Venetian art.
This engraving depicts Odysseus and the daughters of Lycomedes. Odysseus is another one of the all time greatest heroes of great mythology. His story is one of the most famous stories from the classical era.
This painting is a depiction of the fight between Theseus and the Minotaur in the labyrinth. The monster of the story the Minotaur is even more famous and recognizable today than the hero who slew him.
This painting is a depiction of Artemisia. She was known for her courage as she lead her forces alongside the Persians in the fight against the Greeks. She is a bit different from the subjects of the other works in this gallery as she would probably be seen as the villain in Greek stories.
This plate contains a depiction of Hercules as he kills the centaur Nessus. This will be one of the last stories of Hercules as he is later killed the centaur's blood.
This is a depiction of the Aeneas' escape from Troy as it is destroyed. The story of Troy is still famous today and is best known for the Trojan horse. Aeneas on the other hand goes on to become one of the first heroes of Rome.
This is a depiction of the wedding feast of the hero Peleus and his wife Thetis. The myth of Peleus is one of the older and less well known myths included in this gallery. The artist Jacques is known for creating some of the earliest female nudes and floral still lifes in Dutch art.
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