Death is around the Corner


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Different types of death that we normally see in life, about how we feel toward it. 

The Death of Abradatas, Francesco Hayez, 1813/1813, From the collection of: Fondazione Cariplo
I like the piece because it is showing the emotion of maybe betrayal, and the person know the guy is on his way to death.
The Death of Adonis (with Venus, Cupid, and the Three Graces), Peter Paul Rubens, ca. 1614, From the collection of: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Another emotional piece how his love ones are crying over his dead body. The scene and the area around it seems perfect for the art piece.
Death of Adonis, Sebastiano del Piombo Luciani, 1512, From the collection of: Uffizi Gallery
They seems to not know the person on the left side is dying until in the end of the artwork. It also seems they may know that he is dying, but still going on with their lives.
The Death of Cleopatra, Giuseppe Mazzuoli, Italian (active Siena and Rome), 1644 - 1725, c. 1713, From the collection of: Philadelphia Museum of Art
The piece shows how the person on the right is worry about Cleopatra, and wanted someone to help her because she is fear that something going wrong.
The Death of Sardanapalus, Ferdinand-Victor-Eugène Delacroix, French, 1798 - 1863, 1844, From the collection of: Philadelphia Museum of Art
The piece shows how woman a nothing compare too men, and only to be used. It feels that they rather die or be free.
Death of King Pedro (24 September 1834), Nicolas-Eustache Maurin (Perpignan, 1799-Paris, 1850), 1836, From the collection of: National Palace of Queluz
The death bed piece show how his love one carry for him until the king pass away.
Main View (full view, includes writing below print), From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
The piece show how war and the death of people can be so quiet.
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer on his Death Bed, Vicente Palmaroli, 1870, From the collection of: Museo Nacional del Romanticismo
The piece show how Gustavo can die in peace the comfort of his bed which I like about it.
Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle, Arnold Böcklin, 1872, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
I feel like death is a joke and death is playing his music the coming of the guy death.
Death of Abel, Vincent Feugère des Forts, 1865, From the collection of: Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Show how the good die so young and how sad it can happen to anyone.
Death, Teodors Ūders, 1914/1914, From the collection of: Latvian National Museum of Art
I feel that it is saying that Death can go anywhere it wants and do anything to reach the person death.
The Death of Alcestis, Pierre Peyron, 1794, From the collection of: North Carolina Museum of Art
Another sad piece of important person died with it loves one around him. How they care for him until his time comes.
Death, Third of the Four Sights seen by Prince Siddharta, Unknown, c.1900, From the collection of: Art Gallery of South Australia
I like how the animals in his world do not even care for us when we die because they see us as food.
Death nature with shooting gear and flowers II, Jean Baptiste Oudry, 1715, From the collection of: Fundación Banco Santander
Death is normal because death is nature. I also like this piece because it included every general living things.
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