Pencil expression

Pencil drawings can be just as expressive and intriguing as any oil paintings on canvas. Many artists have used their pencils from basic sketches to completely detailed works. There are many ways pencil drawings have been utilized to express feeling and beauty.

Looking closely, the lines of this picture are somewhat sporadic and confused. However, from a far Gustav Klimt has very lightly given the illusion of perhaps false modesty by her seemingly calmness.
This basic sketch contains very little shading, but with use of the graph the concept of a three-dimensional figure is obvious. Napoleon is drawn to look assertive with very little fine detail.
Artists also use graphite pencil with other mediums to add boldness and visual variety to a drawing. Even cartoons can express a great deal of emotion and movement that added to the humor.
With a little more detail, Paul Cezanne drew these women using a hatching style that creates depth. Like pictures of Roman gods, nudity was a symbol of beauty which is depicted here in nature.
LS Lowry shows beautiful detail in this urban landscape. From the slightly magnified archway to the darker shading of the buildings there is a solemn feeling in this picture.
This old man's expression is vividly drawn with soft pencil. Adolph Menzel displays meticulous abilities that gives a very realistic portrait of this older man with amazing details.
A combination of pencil and ink boldly depicts an early 1900's scene with a beautiful woman as it's focal point. Details express each persons emotion and interaction creating a very active drawing.
This artist combines ruins and beauty in this drawing. What would appear to be a sad scene is given in an elegant and romantic style. Man is symbolically belittled by nature and the historic ruins.
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