It's all about perspective

Aldo Gonzalez

Perspective helps you realize the main subject of the painting is the man sitting down on the bottom right and the least amount of details are put on the people in the back.
The people are larger on the bottom of the painting compared to the people at the top because the perspective is from the bottom showing that you are closer to the people on the bottom.
If you notice the buildings in the background are smaller than the people in the foreground giving the sense of depth int he painting. The perspective is from the bottom of the painting.
Perspective is from the bottom of the painting emphasizing the people in the foreground showing they are the main subject of the painting with the background fading along with detail.
Many Renaissance paintings understood the idea of perspective and had the objects that were farther away much smaller to give the perception of depth and create emphasis on the important subjects.
The farther you get from the front, the less and less detail the people had which is perfect for perspective because you lose details as you get farther from the point at which you are viewing.
I loved this painting because it gave the perception that she was inside of the wall in an extension of the room. The perspective given by Eyck was phenomenal.
The perspective here is from the bottom middle giving emphasis to the people in the immediate foreground with the hill in the background with less details and emphasis.
The perspective is from the middle because the subject is looking almost directly at you with the archway in the background. Any other view would ruin the perspective and the painting.
The perspective of this is rather close to the man sitting down with the background being very far from the subjects in the foreground. The point of this painting is the people and not the background.
I love the atmospheric perspective created in this painting giving the sense of great depth and you feel a distance between the pillars and the building behind them.
The atmospheric perspective here is great because the pillar the kid is holding onto has so much detail on it with the extravagant design on it while the house on the right has very little detail.
The linear perspective here disappears into the man in the center and gives a sense of great density around him with the large amount of people surrounding him. The focus is on the man in the center.
I added this because the perspective is from the bottom and gives the man who is presumably Jesus a sense of importance because you are looking up to him with the people behind him losing detail.
The atmospheric perspective in this painting gives the house in the background very little detail to the eye while the people in the foreground have much more detail making them the main subject.
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