Women and Men


a) This woman looks proud of her child and what she created. b) This painting glorifies the maternal instincts of women and their vital role as mothers in the community. c) He painted both secular and religious paintings.
a) This woman looks concerned and uncertain. I feel like shes uncomfortable and trying to cover up. b) This portrait shows the naked beauty of women as well as the mystery behind women and their bodies. c) When he was 12, he went with his brother to an apprenticeship with a painter in Venice.
a) The women look content and happy to be with each other. b) This picture displays (like the first painting) the role of women in society. It shows domestic jobs of women by the fire. c)This artist was baptized in 1626.
a) The woman in this looks content and happy. we feel like she is portrayed in a beautiful way. b)This purpose of this piece is similar to a dress up game now. c) Johann Ludwig Stahl was a miniature painter, etcher, and copperplate engraver.
a. This woman looks happy and carefree. b. She reveals how loving and friendly women are at all times as depicted by society. c. The photographer is unknown for this image.
a. These men look powerful and confident standing up straight and tall while clothed in fancy garments. b. It reveals how financially stable these men were. c. He was a German and swiss print worker and painter who worked in the Nortern Renaissance.
a. This man looks serious and proud of the document he is holding. b.This painting reveals yet another image of man with a position of power and ownership c. Jusepe de Ribera was a Spanish printmaker and painter.
a. This man looks powerful and serious. b. This image reveals yet another image of men with positions of power and accomplishments. c. Remrandt Harmensz. van Rijn was a Dutch etcher and painter.
a. This boy looks powerful yet protective. b. It shows how men always want to be powerful and protective of others and take control. c. Helen Levitt is an American photographer.
a. This man looks shy and mysterious. b. This image shows the humble side of the man being able to get in touch with his feminine side and care for the dog. c. The photographer of this image is unknown.
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