Let's Look at Art! :)

1. The old man looked like he was in horrible pain. I had to take a closer look. 2. This is Renaissance art because the face has emotion and he looks like he is actually moving his mouth to scream.
1. The elephant looked so happy in the picture, and this was the only art piece that had an animal that stood out. 2. This is Renaissance art because the objects in the picture have emotion in their face, and how the people look like they are in motion.
1. I picked this picture because it is a large bird eating a man, so it captivated my attention really quick. 2. This is Renaissance art because it had perspective, and it the mans face shows he is in pain.
1. This painting go my attention because I wondered why a man was running around in a sheet in the middle of a town. 2.This is Renaissance art because it shows perspective, and it shows emotions on the mans face.
Credits: All media
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