Up close, the details of these pieces of art attract my eyes. From a distance I can't focus on one particular area because of strong touches of color.

I love the use of blues, the cloth and sky both draw me in, while the skin tones help balance my focus. I would love to see this in person.
I have always found it fascinating how artist can use red and green together without the piece becoming "Christmasy". The little man in the plant tells a story to me.
Have you ever tried to recreate depth, texture, and color with paint? If not, try it, if so, you know exactly why this piece is in my gallery.
Whenever I look at this piece I can taste bubblegum and candy, strawberry and blueberry flavors, I can even smell sweet scent.
I choose this piece at night because it made me feel like it was day time.
The title is Pleasant Landscape 8022, but I would've called it, Celebrations, because it reminds me of a fun time, eating cake, presents, and balloons. Either way, it made into my Gallery
This piece is unique to me because of the different blues that were used and the thickness of the brush strokes. The artist created detail with big strokes of colors.
I chose this piece simply because it reminded me of a recreation of "Where's Waldo."
Depth and color use in this piece made me also select it as my desktop background. Street artists create great art.
This a piece i would like to see in person. I love graffiti and wall art. The detail is amazing and look at those colors.
Another piece of art in my neighborhood, I have seen this in person. I hope its still there by the time I get back.
Another piece from my hometown that I like. Im not sure if it's still there, but I hope so. If you look close, the patterns and geometry is perfect.
Wow! Color and contrast...Wow!
Here is another piece of wall art in my neighborhood back in Atlanta GA. I don't know what it is, yet I i like the colors against the black and white figure, it pops.
I never get to talk about the art in my neighborhood, well, this wall sits in the heart of where I come from, Atlanta Ga and I use to see it everyday. You guys can't tell, but there are pinks and blues popping out everywhere! In person, it when you stand close to it, it feels like you're on another planet.
The colors in this painting make it seem like a landscape with flowers and water and trees. From a distance, the woman getting blessed is a river and the priest is the mountain she flows from.
I see fire and smoke clouds or if you turn it upside down, it's a lake of lava with a dark island in the horizon.
I chose this piece because of the colors used to add depth and separate figures from the background. I want to try this style in acrylic.
I love this piece because of the unique choice of colors that blend together to create a bright pattern.
I find it difficult to recreate gold and this piece is one of the nicest gold recreations I've seen, not to mention the greens in the plants.
I did a plaster 3D recreation of this piece in high school. They kept it, but I may Recreate it again. Flat shapes to make a 3-dimensional landscape.
I looked at this for a while until I realized they were upside down skyscrapers. All all saw at first were blue buildings.
This is a cool piece. It looks like a bunch of paint exploded and formed a paint waterfall.
I have always been a fan of still life. This piece pops out at me, I love those grapes.
I chose this one because of the simplicity in the style. This piece is kind of abstract in its use of shape and color.
Bold contrast, detail, texture, and brilliant color make this piece a fine addition to my gallery.
This is a piece I would want to own. The greens, blues, and reds flare out of the canvas with life.
I thought this piece looked like a Red Bull commercial. The colors don't pop out in this piece, instead, they cool down the tone, subtly bringing out the scene.
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