Existence Clar209 Sum1

Photographs seem to be a combination of a painting and sculpture together. They have the reality of a sculpture, but the two dimensional visual of a painting. The color, line, shape, texture, content, and subject matter are more noticeable in a photograph because it is the real thing. We can all relate better to a photograph because it depicts who we are and the life around us.

In this photograph the light really makes 'line' in this picture relevant. It makes it look so neat and beautiful. Without that the photo wouldn't have as much visual value as it does with it.
The structure of this building shows shape really well. It fascinating that our geometrical shapes and figures can be formed into artwork and viewed as something much different than a mathematical equation.
The different levels of these stairs make the depth of this picture seem more than it really is. The angle the photo was taken does this as well. also the color and calmness of the water make it look like glass.
The structure of this building really brings out the 'line' element again, as well as shape. Just viewing this photograph it seems so complex, but it is really just a bunch of simple shapes and lines put together to form a masterpiece.
Again, here we have a building with amazing line and shape structure that makes it look that much more appealing.
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