Art 111-220N

This Vanitas painting was created in the 17th century. It was done by Edwaert Collier. Vanitas paintings include skulls, chains and books for meanings. For example the skull puts us in mind of death.
This painting is a form of visual unity by Henri Matisse. We've studied a couple of his paintings like Memory of Oceania. This paintings has lines, colors, and various shapes.
This painting was created by Georgia O'Keeffe, we've studied several of her pieces. Georgia created paintings with deer skulls and uses symmetrical balance. The rose and colors add a soft balance.
This paiting was created by Titian and is called Venus with a mirror. It's a oil on canvas paiting of greek goddess. It's done with soft colors and tells stories about celebrating ideal beauties.
This painting was created by Cimabue. He is an Italian artist who made paintings of Mary and Christ. It holds frontal posture. The angels symbolize humankind, the Virgin is the important figure.
Credits: All media
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