Women of the World

This gallery is of paintings of different women around the world.

The Indian painter painted a portrait of her self. She seems to be covered with a silk sheet of some sort. Her bright red lips become a focal point when looking at the portrait.Her lot of bracelets bring color to the image.
In this painting their is a nude women sleeping. next to her is a sheet or a robe. on the robe there seems to be a lizard its hard to say if the lizard is apart of the robe or real.The women head is turned showing off her jaw line and the curvy lines from her elbow to her legs.
In this painting there is a woman knitting or sewing. Sitting in her rocking chair next to the window. Her hair is in a high bun with small locks flying loose. She looks peaceful in this moment shown.
In this painting the woman is the focal point there is a small dog and a man that seems to be a guitar player in the shadows. It looks like the man and the woman are practicing music together but there also might be a romantic side to them as well.
This nearly nude woman seems to be of wealth shown by her hair band and hair ornament.Wearing a dress thats is loosely put on showing moe than just cleavage. Head tilted slightly to show off her hair ornament.
Wearing a gold dress with a white collared undershirt leaning on a post. The woman face is quite blank but somehow you sense a hint of happiness.Not looking directly forward but to the side makes you wonder what she was looking or thinking about.
This painter did a portrait of herself in watercolor which apparently was really hard in that day in age.Sitting in great posture wearing a white shirt and a purple scarf. Her hair seems to be the main attraction as it is put up but yet seems to be still flowing.
In this painting there is a Mother in a yellow dress holding her child and getting water out of a water basin .Giving the child bath. The mother is bent down while bathing the child.
In this portrait of a young woman she is wearing a bonnet and peasant clothing this shows that she is not of wealth. she is sitting in a chair with her hands crossed. Her facial expression is slightly smiling.
This is a portrait of a women in a gown petting her small puppy.You can suggest that she is a woman of wealth by her large gown and all of it gold beading and her pinky ring as well as her high colored under shirt.
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