''The OTHER'' 

The Other could be described as referring to another person, object, or event that is different or distinct from a perviously known. The Other is often treated differently or alienated by others who view The Other as different from themselves. 

This photograph is similar to ''The Other'' because ''The Other'' is typically viewed as evil and darkness trying to destroy the beauty and goodness of another thing. In this photo the silhouette of the man in the back holding something to perhaps cut the oats is ''The Other'' and the field of oats resembles the goodness. However, are we creating a false image of ''The Other''?
This photograph of a mask reminds me of ''The Other'' because it is made to reflect a hideous face which is how ''The Other'' is perceived. ''The Other'' is perceived as not belonging or looking similar to the ''normal''.
This picture is titled ''Contrasts'', it is similar to ''The Other'' because there could be many forms of ''The Other''. The concept of ''The Other'' may not be just a contrast of black and white, but of many different colors. Resembling how ''The Other'' could be perceived as many things.
Through further research of this photo I discoverd it surrounded the topic of racism. Racism could be looked at as viewing someone different (in this case a different skin tone) as ''The Other''
This abstract photograph resembles ''The Other'' because ''The Other'' may not necessarily be something that is evil. Perhaps, it could take the form of being something that is strange to us. ''The Other'' inside ourselves may not be evil but just a weirder side of our personalities.
This artwork was created to resemble death and evil, which is what ''The Other'' os often perceived to be.
This artwork is titled ''A Secret Forest''. This reminded me of the concept of ''The Other'' because there is a bit of ''The Other'' in all of us, but we usually try to conceal and keep it secret.
This photograph resembles the contrasts between good and evil. Good is represented by white and black represents evil. There is more good than evil and the good appears to be killing off the evil.
Graffiti is considered a crime and its aesthetic is insulting to its surroundings, just like ''The Other'', although the it may not always be evil and ugly. It could be viewed as art and be meaningful.
The lion in this painting represents ''The Other''. It represents ''The Other'' because it is killing the antelope, which is how ''The Other'' would be perceived. ''The Other'' is viewed as murderous and evil.
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