Food by Chris Greene

This is a curation of photos, artwork and paintings related to food from around the world. Food is something that all humans have in common. Whether you have it or not, it is a necessity for life. While always trying to find things in common with each other, we can start conversations with one of the main things we all need, food.

This photo from by Alfred Eisenstaedt looks like chefs getting ready for some type of feast or gala. Shown in the photo is an assortment of horderves, breads and possibly fruits and vegetables. The two men present, setup the display and seem as if they are trying to make sure it looks perfect.
I like this painting because it looks so realistic. This Italian piece from the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry depicts two large blocks of cheese in front of fruits and vegetable such as grapes, tomatoes, pears and apples.
This is another Italian piece from the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestral Policies. It shows a landscape similar to Tuscany, tipped off by the trees in the back.
Here a man is shown preparing cheeses from the Pyrenees Mountains. He prepares it in a large brass basin. It is an interesting photo because one does not always see the "behind the scenes" of how the foods we eat are made.
I really just like the vibrant red color of the cherries and green from the stems and leaves. This photo taken in the daytime shows cherries in possibly a bushel, rather than the plastic bags or packages we are used to seeing in stores.
Here is a black and white portrait photograph of a young boy in Czechoslovakia from 1937. It is not clear what he is eating, but it looks like either bread or a type of pastry. What is interesting as well is his clothing, which represents the 1930s.
Delicious Food in the Kitchen by Sun Zongwei reminds me of a Pablo Picasso painting by the type of brush strokes. Depicted is a basket with herbs and eggs
Alessio Mamo took this photo for a series called Dream Food. From the 2013 New Delhi Photo Festival, this photo shows two children in front of a table with a dinner set on top of a vibrant red tablecloth.
This is a fun colorful hamburger painted by Dave Crossley.
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