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The African-American Civil Rights Movement was from 1954-1968. Nonviolent protest and civil disobedience were held during this time period. Some major events happen during this time period one which was the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama. Another famous event was the March on Washington. This took place in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963. One Important person that attend that event was Martin Luther King, Jr. He was one of the strongest civil rights activist. 

The photos show a group of African-American people marching thru a field which I think is in Washington. The are protesting in a non violent way for their civil rights. As you can see in the banner they have it says "March on Washington," so we know that this was during the protest for jobs that took place in D.C.
This picture take place at the March of Washington. This was a non violent protest for jobs. This pictures shows a group of people gathering around discussing the events going around at the time. The picture doesn't show anything that says March of Washington but the lady in the middle of the picture has a hat that says N.A.A.C.P. which stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. So by this we know that this took place during the civil rights movement.
This is another picture taken during the March of Washington. This people are protesting for jobs and freedom. As you see on the picture there is a African-American male holding a sign. It is not really readable but you can see it say "We March" on it. There is another sign to the left side of the picture with the same words. And people are walking with a big banner also.
This flyer or newsletter is from when the March on Washington was going to happen. The flyer informs the people that a nonviolent protest will happen on Wednesday August 28, 1963. The flyer explains what African-Americans are going thru and what they expect the outcome of this march to bring. Also on the top of the flyer there are some famous names that have put this march together. One famous one is Martin Luther King Jr.
The young woman is holding up a sign fighting for her civil rights in a nonviolent way. The sign reads "It is your Duty to End Segregation. Segregation is the separation of different racial groups in a country, city, or any given place. She was either protesting alone or with a group but she was trying to get a message out to everyone to end segregation.
During this time blacks could not be in the same place as the whites could. There were signs where they had to use a restroom, eat and,or shop. This man is holding a sign letting people know that a certain store does not allow blacks to go into the store. He didn't not protest in a violent way but decide to do it in a civil way by hold a sign up where the store is located.
Atlanta was one of the cities in the U.S. that was segregated. As you seen in the picture the Ku Klux Klan is walking by a group of African-Americans holding a sign saying "Atlantas image is a fraud." To me they are trying to say that everyone is trying to make Atlanta seem good but in reality there is a lot of injustice going on.
This was a newsletter that was published by students at Dillard University in New Orleans. Students wanted to get a message out there to the other campuses across the country. Most of these newsletters or newspapers began at black colleges and universities. These newspapers were not part of the school’s newspaper, African-American students started this on their own.
This flyer is another example of the gatherings that were held at a certain location to protest for equal civil rights. This protest was hold at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
This flyer was to inform the people that there will be a memorial hold for these children that were killed by the Ku Klux Klan on September 15, 1963. A lot of these memorials were held around the country and support the Civil Rights Movement. They wanted to get the message to the Department of Justice. This was a big turning point in the civil rights movement.
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