Deep Into Renaissance Art

By Harlow Gruendyke

1. I picked this painting because Botticelli's use of bright colors caught my attention.The way he painted the halos is different than other artists I have seen. 2. -There is movement in the baby and his face expression looks happy. -The use of perspective is found in the corner of the painting.
1. I chose this painting because all the men have different expressions and are involved in their own conversations. This seemed interesting with me since they are sitting at a table with Jesus Christ. 2. -Lots of movement - All the characters are the same size. Jesus isn't portrayed as the most important.
1. This sculpture made me wonder how long it took to make this. There is so much detail into the piece that I can't take my eyes off it. 2 - There is much detail and lots of movement in his beard and clothing. - Not a serious expression. His face looks a little shocked or worried.
1. This picture brought great confusion to me. What is the man holding in his hand? I wonder if it is something important to the young man. 2. - Great use of perspective in the painting. - The boy's face is not serious. He has a slight happy expression.
Credits: All media
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