The Two Kinds Of Poverty

Poverty, the thing maybe people hate it most. And the problem is: people are hard to get rich and easy to get poor, people are hard to retain the foundation and easy to lose it. And I have the poverty is also as a result of industrialization, war, racism and migration. Thats why we have more poor people and the situation they are living in are really make people surprised,sad and disappointed. In this gallery we are gonna talking about the two kinds of attitude to face poverty.

[Native American Man], Frederick I. Monsen, 1894 - 1906, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
The first picture in the gallery is a native American man. The person who lives in reservation is very poor, obviously. He did not have clothes, pants and shoes at all and who was very ignorant with his future. No job, bad environment made him poor, and the policy for them are making them poorer.
Waiting for Work on Edge of the Pea Field, Holtville, Imperial Valley, California, Dorothea Lange, February 1937, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
The next picture here is a farmer who is waiting for work, we can see he is not happy for work, On the contrary, he is really despair and confused about his future. We can see the first type of poverty, they cannot face poverty and feel shameful for it.
White Angel Breadline, San Francisco, Dorothea Lange, 1933, From the collection of: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
Now here is a beggar from 1930s San Fransisco. The beggars in city is also a huge thing for the government to solve. The people except him had good clothes and hat. Only he got a dirty hat and a cheap suit looks sad lean on the failing with an empty jar.
The potato eaters, Vincent van Gogh, April 1885 - May 1885, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
This paint is a very famous painted by Vincent Van Gogh. The people in the picture below is eating Potatoes. This is another kind of poor people, they help each other, they have the hope of life, they have the courage to face the difficulty of life.
A Little Shaver, Indianapolis, Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1908, printed about 1920, From the collection of: Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
This is a newspaper boy who is smile. He wore a dirty rain cloth, left hand took a punch of newspaper and smile to the camera. He was happy for the situation he was in and did not feel shameful.
The Unequal Marriage, Vasily Pukirev, 1862, From the collection of: The State Tretyakov Gallery
The unequal marriage is also the result of being poor. People sometime sell their son or daughter for exchange money in the old time, and beautiful girl was forced to marry the rich person. "that is another bad for being poor." And you can see, the 2 left people are really disdain about her. Obviously, people do not like the poor girl and do not look good for this marriage.
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