The Natural Beauty of Winter - Amanda Stacy

Have you ever taken the time to look at the snow? What about barren trees or icy lakes? They don't sound too beautiful but they truly are. This gallery includes winter scenes painted by various artists. These works of art capture winter in a variety of settings. Enjoy the beauty of winter in its most natural state.

This painting depicts a snowy fjord, with cliffs in the background. There is a lone boulder standing upright near the seaside. The emphasis seems to be on this boulder, it is the first thing to catch the eye. The colors seem to fade out from the rock almost as if it were a fog.
This wintery painting depicts a snowy landscape with a lone cabin in the background. The focal point is not on this home but on two almost barren trees surrounded by rocks on a small hill. They are bolder in color and almost shining as if being hit by the morning sun.
The landscape in this image shows a seemingly windy day due the the icy waters that appear to be flowing and the sky with clouds that seems to be moving across the image. There is a snowy wood in the middle. The sky, wood, and waters are almost separated by lines. It is clear where each piece ends and the next begins.
This snow covered painting seems to be a hayfield that has been harvested. You can see multiple piles of hay on the right side. To the left there is a fence or wall that is blocking the sun from hitting part of the landscape. The shadow seems to give away that there is a hole in the fence that gives the sun another place to shine.
This painting is of a landscape covered in snow with pine trees in the background. The majority of the image is the white snow. The sky is blue depicting an almost cloud free day, you can see the hints of some clouds. In the horizon you can see a light pink color almost as if the sun is rising or setting.
The landscape shown here is vast but it is clear where the horizon of the sky begins as well as where the forest ends. The trees in the forest appear to be topped with snow as well as the flat land. This is a vast view of a winter landscape.
There is a lone tree in this painting that is the focal point. This tree has more defining features and is bolder than any other part of this piece. The sky takes up about a third of the canvas and there is a defining line where the horizon begins. The snowy landscape seems to almost blend with the forest in the background on the left.
This painting is a closer view of a wintery landscape. On the left of the painting there are trees of a single type, and on the right there are trees of another type as if separated on purpose. In the snow there is a set of tracks and footprints separating the sets of trees.
In this painting the ground in covered in snow and you can see a body of water in the lower area of the canvas. There are trees on both sides of the water and some animals scattered along the bank and in it. In the distance the shapes are blurry and faded as if there were a fog.
This painting has a snow covered ground with a tree line on the left of the canvas. Near the upper left the painting appears to shine as if there were a body of water being hit by the fading sunlight. The pieces seem to fade together, from the tree line, to the snow covered ground, and then to the body of water in the distance.
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