I enjoyed how simple his marks are yet how they are,to me,very strategically placed they follow a form and have contrast when necessary.
this painting really captures a moment in time, there is movement in the grass and the vastness of the sky as the two people stand and become part of it.
helps understand how a body works and to put into consideration the physical aspect of form.
I really like the direction of the lines the artist used, the artist really knew which marks to make to show a distinction in textures.
looks like he had complete control over his marks I cant see that he really layered anything, this pic shows really good value changes with really good control
I noticed that the boy stood out not only because of the sense of space but the detail in painting him, also the crow being another emphasis is placed in the remaining empty space.
I really like the technique side to this painting, how the sun shines on the people, the reflection of the boat and how the choice of color shows contrast, its a really beautiful painting although somewhat morbid.
I really like the mood that this image presents the colors are a little dull, its not a vibrant as other portraits and this painting really conveys the mood
there is good planning in this piece for ex the sun that sines from the left side is consistent the middle shadows of the buildings help make these shapes convincing of being buildings
this painting has a powerful choice of color by that I can clearly see every thing through contrast in color
this painting gives a dark mood by surrounding the main object in darkness at the same time emphasizing the facial expression of peter
I though tis pic looked funny.. well there no real anger in the mans face it almost looks comical
I like how he shows consistency in his marks when he draws different sections of the bird, the marks are short where they need to be and long to show distinction.
I like how obvious the rocks look in the painting. although its really messy it emphasizes the objects through some detail.
I really like how there is all these things happening in the painting. well how all these people are doing all these actions.
I noticed the detail made in this painting are made by very controlled brush strokes that give it the illusion that one person ma want to search for detail.
this painting creates shadows that emphasize the form of the president, there are also detailed more concentrated areas that contrast to make them relevant.
I like how this artist teaches me not every thing has to be extremely detailed, he illustrates the face more carefully then the clothes and by doing so he emphasizes the face a bit more.
I really like the use of layering in this piece the dot contrast the background but still are analogous to it.
I really like the contrast in this pic the background is an older wall that doesn't look clean so it contrast the man and the pig. also the placement of the person makes this pic interesting
I enjoy hw this painting used an overall tone, the tone being brown
I like the smoothness of the face which is complimented by the robe.
there is movement in this piece the artist leads the viewer to look at a distance and to notice the variations in each section
I like the use of repetition and use of fading tones this artist also breaks lines and keeps most of them consistent
I enjoy the contrast that is shown in this work the foreground also has nice tones and tints that contrast each other
I really like the form of this piece for example how the form of the clothing was captured and the values that are created by the lighting.
I really love how artist like this one can show such beautiful use of the environment to highlight form and balance this with the background.[by form I mean the sunlight giving more emphasized form.
I enjoy how this artist doesn't need to have a lot of detail to show contrast and well basic elements this painting tells a story that is plain to see and placement is uniquely placed.
this artist has good proportions when he draws people and knows how to fade the colors in the background to give it the illusion of depth.
this painting has nice vibrant colors to show contrast and have very sharp details in the people.
I enjoy how this artist uses the sun to emphasize the cows and how the shadows lead one to the focal points.
this painting has nice contrast and good values tints and tones in the colors in the flowers.
I really like the still calmness of this painting and how it leads you up the painting but brings you back by having more vibrant colors in the foreground.
this particular painting shows overlap but is somewhat transparent to emphasize the lines and how they vary.
even though this painting has cracks one can clearly tell the distinction of the foreground to the background and I enjoy how both have same amount of detail.
I enjoy how even when u see what the knight is looking at[the tombstone] you still are lead to see the horse's skull through the leading line which is used by the knight's spear.
there sure is leading lines used to lead the viewer throughout this paint and the space in the left side is balanced by putting a man and child there.
I enjoyed how the artist gave this painting the rainy look without using raindrops.
the buildings being smoother than the rest are implied as emphasis but also the women and child only because they are present in the foreground.
I really like the place in time that this takes place it captures a moment that is very powerful in itself. well we got people all mostly looking one direction which lead the viewer
this painting's composition is that its surrounded by snow and a gray sky and by doing so not only present a mood but make it easy to show contrast
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