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Love how there is a lot of movement and positive vibes with bright colors and weird little monsters
I choose this painting because I love how all of the colors are very contrasting to each other also how it stands out and is different. Also I love how its colors complement the cars like they belong.
I'm in love with the scene. It gives meet the weirdest vibe ,somewhat uneasy and awkward because how the girl on the right looks uninterested. Also the two people in the look like they argued.
The little details in this painting make my eye go all over the painting.Its beautiful and the almost smooth brush strokes make the scene almost real. The lighting also give the characters form
This me back to when my family and I would have bonfires and gather up they were so much fun. The scene looks almost real zooming into the faces of the people in the back & they are blobs beautiful.
It seems like I can actually step into the scene. It has a huge sense of space and it gives the illusion that it is three dimensional .
The little girls face is what caught my attention the most and makes my feel pity towards her. I love when painting and any other form of art make me have emotions towards it.
Love the smooth values it has on the lions hair ,it gives it a form to show its wavy instead of straight.
It always shocks me to see how back then in the 1832 artist captured every detail and make their paintings look almost realistic.
In love with the marks and all of the colors make it look like an object ,its doesn't need an outline which makes it even more eye catching. Also how he used the complements of the colors.
What captured my attention most about this artwork is its sense of depth ,almost as if I can step inside of it.
This is probably my favorite of all because of the huge sense of value,overlap and how you can clearly see the form the figures have.
This artwork makes me full of curiosity to find out what exactly is going in this artwork .The feeling is almost playful but calm in the same time with its use of colors.
I love how weird it is with the random flag with a weird face and the crowd with strange faces. Also I like how if you look closer some of the people are wearing masks and creatures.
I like when you look at this artwork from far away it looks still and clean, but when you get closer to it you see how most of it is messy paint strokes that created a shape.
The sense of feeling in this artwork is pretty serious like she thinks she's important. The neutral ,dull colors help to give it that serious feeling.
Love the facial expression and all the value used in it to make it pop out.
Like the simplicity in this artwork , and the calmness . I don't know why but I can picture classical music playing and the weather nice ,I just love this picture.
It makes me feel trapped like everyone squishing in that small place working and the dark colors make annoyed . None the less I still like the art work.
I just love how the artist decided to take a simple inanimate object to completely turn it into a person that has a character .
I like how it doesn't focus on anything important it just very fun and the bright colors is probably the main thing that caught my attention ,also the pattern it has
I love how the paint strokes are random but not that random because we can tell that it is grass also I like how the foreground has more detail than the background.
Love the sense of texture and all of the little colors used to create the fur.
Love the attention to detail ,also the way you can tell that its must be very noisy since it is a wedding super.
COMPLETELY in love with how it is basically little marks with color. Literally all of it is marks just thinking about how long it would've taken to create this makes me tired .
Like how the title actually connects with the artwork but I also like how the random color the artist choose to paint in the bodies. It makes me feel like smiling every time I see their faces.
Like how the people didn't need a lot of detail they are pretty simple but even so I still enjoy the artwork because of its emotion in it the sadness and how the colors add to the sadness.
I think I'm really starting to like the marks artists leave behind ,how its doesn't matter to be smooth. Also ho he stayed with the same 4 or 5 colors for all of the painting.
Though it is very simple and nothing really is going on I still enjoy portraits because I like to imagine what the person is thinking and why they choose to have it so smooth.
I love zooming into the background to see all the marks he did almost like small x's . Again I like how he sticks with 2 to 5 colors to create that beautiful artwork.
I love looking at his artworks because I Like to imagine what he must have been feeling to paint that background in those specific colors always focusing on blues and greens.
I like all the values the coat has all the different tints and hues of blue and how he used contrasting colors to make the values to create the overlap in the fingers.
I think sometimes I really like simplicity to let my mind rest on one thing just looking at this portrait makes me calm, the only thing running through my mind is what he might be thinking about.
I love the boarder how its a simple circle instead of a box , the circle gives it more of a calm mood.
Love the rhythm and continuation it has ,very peaceful and quiet.
Like the ethnicity in this art work the distortion like two wierd souls blending turning into something really weird. Also the simple colors give it that weird feeling too.
I just enjoy seeing how the human body looks without its flesh just the skeleton ,not knowing what its race, looks or sexuality is.
I like the organic shapes and the light colors .Also how it only focuses on the head and face instead of body .
Love the deformation how someone can think of legs as a spider and how its only 1 color. I guess I just the simplicity.
I like the weird little things going on in this scene with death ready to strike and little creatures stealing money .Just love the weirdness.
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