The Many Uses of Texture

This is my gallery that helps explore the different uses of texture. This texture is not just brush strokes you can see, but also details and time taken to really give a piece the feeling of becoming real or at least submersing a person into it and making them think.

The reason I chose this piece is because it truly shows how texture can bring something to life. From a distance, this painting looks like a photograph, and the adding of texture to it helped to add to that. The natural shadows made by the paint added depth and helped trick the eye into believing it was a photo.
I chose this painting because it shows a different form of texture with painting. It gives more of an impressionistic look as opposed to straight realism. The texture put into it though, helps give an impression that the grass really is growing and really is engulfing the two people in the field, making it a prime example of texture.
This painting I chose because of it's incredible detail in the ship with texture. It stands out from the sky giving it a dynamic look about it and really helps bring it to life. It makes you want to study what this piece is about and that is why I believe it belongs in this gallery. 
This piece I chose because of the remarkable texture in the church. This texture helps this piece come to life and trick the eye. When I first scrolled by it, I believed it was a picture! It doesn't just have detail, it has incredible depth, which is why I chose for it to be here. 
This piece was chosen because of how it's so close to realism, yet it is still abstract. The only thing that really makes it recognizable is its texture. If it did not have the texture in the cliff, it would just look like a slope; if it didn't have the texture in the building, you wouldn't know what it is in the slightest. That is why I chose it.
I chose this piece for it's more simplistic style of texture. It looks like something that could be in an illustrated manuscript. The texture in it is used to show the roughness of the trees, which starkly contrasts the people and animals in the piece, making them stand out just like the artist intended I think. 
This piece was chosen due to it's gorgeous texture in the tree. My other pieces mainly focused on buildings or tree tops, but not the actual bark of a tree or the individual leaves. The texture in this piece helps creature the illusion that he drew every single leaf. The texture also contrasts the people in the piece, making the trees and plants more of the focal point. 
I chose this piece because of its abstract texture.The texture given to it helps create the effect that the wind is blowing and it's a gorgeous day. Because of the lack of color, something had to be done to create life and that is what the artist did. The textures in the road in the foreground help you add it to the rest of the road and not really focus on his trees not being full trees. 
I chose this paintings because of how the texture creates a sense of rain. As your eye moves to the right side of the painting you see a darker cloud; below this cloud you will notice more downward strokes of paint. These hints of texture are to help create a sense of rain and that a storm is approaching. These kind of textures are what I strive for when I paint, so thats why I chose to feature it here.
I chose this painting because the use of texture creates a sense of doom. As you look around the volcano, you can see mountains and clouds, all of which are dark and textured. The lava explosion is textured upward to make it look like it is erupting, while texture splatter down from the top of it creates the sense of raining lave. That combined with the dark textures of the water really made this piece stand out in my eyes and landed it a spot here.
This painting was chosen due to it's incredible depth created from the textures of the mountains and trees, not in the foreground, but in the background. The subtle texture given around the river helps bring it to a vanishing point that makes it look as if it's a snapshot from the top of a mountain. This shows the different side of texture, and how so little can do so much.
This piece of work was chose because the texture used in it help create the image that was not put down. The negative space in this piece is white. White is a difficult color to have your eye drawn away from but the way he placed his texture really helped you create the sense that there is water in this and that is is a suppose to look like that, not that it's an unfinished piece. For the texture he didn't put in the water, thats why it's in here,
I chose this piece based on how the texture change really gave a sense of the light. As you look at the left side of the painting you can see so much detail and texture which give it a sense of being a real picture, and as you move to the right that texture slowly fades to a yellow fog like area. This are, I believe< is the strongest point of this piece. It helps you realize that it's sunlight and that there is some fog in the air. The lack of texture tears that area away from it's counter part making it stronger and giving it the feel of being surrounded by mist. That is the reason I chose this piece for my gallery. 
This last piece is one of my favorites in this gallery. The marvelous texture in the buildings helps create their depth and stone like appearance. The texture in the clouds is also amazing in my eyes. As you look at them, you can almost see them drift across the sky. The gorgeous amount of texture here is why I chose this piece. It's incredible to think that so much detail was used in all of it, yet the focal point is clear and not muddy. That is the reason I chose this piece to end my gallery. I could not think of a better note to leave on.
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