Perspective in mythology

Take a look into the various stories of mythology and take away what you can make from the paintings.

My take on this piece is that cupid are trying to connect the people that are down below on the ground. On the right there is a man with wings who is looking at the woman who is naked on the ground.
The woman standing on the ground is a goddess who is being brought to her homeland. The other woman that is standing beside her is one of the natives that live on the land.
In the painting there is a wedding going on and the people who are getting married are the god of the sea and a sea nymph. The people who are there are wishing and are happy for them.
This pot shows the mortal Adonis falling in love with the goddess Aphrodite and a bore in hunting accident killed him. The goddess felt so bad that her father Zeus made Adonis immortal.
In this painting I see there are three woman and also a man standing over a soldier. The first woman is giving her hand to held him up and also from what I can gather he needs to get the prize around them.
In this painting you can see the god sharing the fruits with the people in the world. The god in this painting wants to show that he likes to give.
When I look at this painting I see a man who was a god and for some time had a cult who followed him to his loyalty. I feel like he was about nothing more than partying all the time.
In this statue Mercury is a messenger for Jupiter and he did the bidding for all of the gods. He stand there with shoes that wings on them to help him get to his location.
In this painting you can see the Centaur trample a lion and has a rock raised to strike tiger. I see that the Centaur came into the mythology world to either killed people who disobey them or out of spite.
On this pot I see two great Greek warriors fighting in a war and a goddess standing in the distance. On the one side if the vase you can see the warrior and the goddess playing the a board game.
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