The theme I chose for this gallery is a combination of subjects. The collection consists of artworks that are colorful, are depicting either nature or the human form, and also, have a surreal composition. Another important detail about this art gallery is the medium used in each piece; all of them are paint over canvas.

A hand, two sumo wrestlers, a woman with binoculars, and the head of a man are painted over a colorful background. Out of the ordinary elements are combined, using color the connector between them.
A human face is seen through layers of paint, almost hidden away. The vibrant paint colors form the shape of the face, but hide it away at the same time.
This is a fantasy painting depicting the nature of the sea and land, in a dream environment. The colors are vivid, and make allusions of a painting that is surreal.
Fishes and birds are seen in this semi abstract painting. The colors change the transition between the sea and the sky, and contrasting colors help highlight the important aspects.
The painting of a landscape depicting houses and trees. The geometric houses and trees are disrupted by big, colorful, and contrasting brush strokes, which look similar to flowers.
Brush strokes appear as lily ponds in this small painting. Color gives the idea of this painting, revealing the details for the viewer to understand the abstract composition.
Butterflies are seen flying, and behind, a background of trees and mountains. The choice in the color palette, like the small flowers in the mountains contrasting with the sky, evokes calmness.
A clock in the sky, over a seashell surrounded by flying butterflies. This is a complete surreal painting, which each element having no connection to the next.
Black lines over a colorful background depict a village in the mountains. Is hard understand the painting, but close, you see the details and combination of the confusing background, with the lines.
A woman with butterfly wings floats in the sky holding a lamp. This is a painting depicting something out of this world, something you wouldn’t imagine possible.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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