Woven Meaning

A collection of art displaying carpets, tapestries and weavings as a significant element.

Another gorgeous Turkik rug on the table, and not underfoot. The carpet seems to be an item of trade, a symbol of wealth and power for to own a carpet from a far off land, one must have been wealthy and sophisticated.
The Lady wove the story of Sir Lancelot on the beautiful tapestry . A life foretold. If you zoom in, you can see the exquisite details.
Blue Chinese carpet underfoot. I imagine it to be silk like the Princess' robes.
The gorgeous cloth that is being offered to wrap the perfect being of Venus must be perfect itself. What a color Botticelli selected!
Gorgeous Turkik tribal rug on the table. It is so realistic that I can imagine the smell of the carpet, and the feel of the rough wool. It is a symbol of exotic trade of goods from far off lands.
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