Elements of Arts

WHS Honor Code: I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this work.      -Shane Morehead

This drawing is made completely of lines together to create a portrait. The lines have a different shade on their color to create a darker area.
This Graffiti is a collection of many shapes. Many of these shapes are combined together to make more complex shapes.
This painting is taking an image from outside, and recreating it in a painting. The artist is trying to make it look like a wall that you would find outside.
This artist used small little dots to make lines to create an image of a woman.
This artist shows the cloths folding over each other to show texture.
This artist created a sunshine effect, by making half the painting brighter. The lighter area exposes all the bright colors.
50% of this work is space to create a background effect. The background is made to show that the horse is much closer than it seems.
Credits: All media
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