Weapons of WWii


This is a Hungarian rendetion of the Russian Mosin Nagant which was the main riffle of the Soviet Red army during WWII
The Soviet PPSh-41 was the Soviet main sub-machine gun, It had the fastest fire rate of any gun during the war and was used to clear rooms quickly.
The SVT-40 is the semi automatic Mosin nagant being able to fire several high powered rounds with fair accuracy and speed. It was produced by the soviet union throughout the second world war.
The T-34-85 was the bigger brother of the T-34 (1940). Its main canon was replaced with an 85mm high velocity round to destroy the enemy tanks, while still being on a light chassis and able to go fast
A row of T-34-76's the main soviet tank during WWII. The angled front plate of the T-34 made it the best tank in the early stages of world war 2
The ISU-122 took the Iosif Stalin chassis and put a 122mm howitzer on it to bombard the enemy trenches from afar. the mix of heavy armor and gunnery made it a large foe to the Germans
The M6A1 was an American heavy tank with a 76mm gun. A lot like the churchill tanks they could take shots but not deal too much damage but was an over all good tank except for its shear size slowed it
The Sturmtiger was a Nazi invention to bombard Soviet bunkers. The tank was equiped with a 380mm barrel but didn't shoot shells, it shot rockets. High Explosive rounds could easily destroy a bunker
The T-44 was an upgraded T-34 chassis later used for the T-54 tank. It was produced late in the war to fight the German panther tanks along with their King tigers and other heavily armored tanks.
The M5 half track was an amazing vehicle. It was used for many things from an armored unit transport to an anti aircraft carrier. It was quick and easily produced and used throughout WW2 by all allies
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