The color Blue of Sadness and relaxation

An exhibit featuring somber shades of blue.

The use of the color blue in this piece shows a flow of gradual color throughout the painting. It shows a high technical level of color palette.
The use of the wheel shows the change of overwhelming color through a pure space. The wheel might represent a clock turning the painting from blank to saturated.
This painting offers a somber setting because the subject of the painting looks sad. Also the book on the floors portrays all is not well in the story.
The illuminated animal in the modern human building suggests a lost natural environment. also the animal looks caged in which offers a look into todays treatment of wildlife.
This painting shows a relaxed setting of a ocean side view. the color blue is just as calm as the water.
The large blue bed suggest an empty sad life and the girls expression offers a glimpse into her feelings
The turmoil in the ocean also portrays a sadness in the see. Somehow personifying the ocean as if it were feeling distress.
The red bodices of the dancers show that they have passion for their craft. The blue shows the concentration and the focus they have while they perform.
This mournful painting shows a beautiful blue bird that has died. When looking at its face the bird looks relaxed and content, staying true to its colors.
This blue kitchen represents the color blue as a calming midnight scene. Everything seems calm and safe as if time has stopped.
The old man in the painting gives off the impression of sadness. The color blue is referred to as a melancholy color. He looks just as rough as his surroundings.
The delicate white and blue figures have been shattered. The blue with the white contrast gives the impression of a tragic scene but also a relaxing tone.
This very mournful painting has religious references to Jesus when he was forced to wear a crown at his crucifixion. the color blue hazes the painting as if covering it with sorrow.
Vincent van Gogh had a very difficult life. Although the color in this painting has a feel of sorrow it was has a feeling of content as soothing is leaving van Gogh's body.
The man is relaxed but not fully content with his body in this painting. Not allowing the viewer to see the rest of him.
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