African Americans and LGBTQ Civil RIghts: A comparison

This historical analysis and comparison was completed by a student of American History utilizing resources available through the Google Cultural Institute (GCI) and other internet resources. The origin of the source if not from GCI is given in respective captions and additional details are available upon request.

The LGBTQ and African American rights movements relate and differ in several ways. One way they relate is that they both were discriminated against when it came to jobs. Many business owners did not hire people if they were African American or LGBT. Also, if an LGBTQ person was hired and their sexuality was not known until after they were already working, many businesses would fire them. A difference between the two groups would be that African Americans were payed more attention to as many bills were passed against discrimination against them. The LGBTQ community was generally ignored. Another similarity would be that when it came to discrimination in these groups, several public supporting figures were assassinated. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on a balcony by a white man since he was supporting African American’s and figures like Harvey Milk were shot as well. He was a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors responsible for introducing a gay rights ordinance protecting gays and lesbians from being fired from their jobs. Milk also lead a successful campaign against Proposition 6, an initiative forbidding homosexual teachers. He was later assassinated based on his actions. .
The group that was more successful in gaining rights would have to be African Americans. They definitely achieved more than the LGBTQ group. More bills were passed during the late 20th century in favor of African Americans rather than the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell act that was sort of neutral when it came to sides. The civil rights act of 1964 was passed that stated that no one could discriminate against African Americans when it came to getting a job and being involved with education. The LGBTQ community did not have this luxury and was often brushed off.
Vietnam veterans who are openly gay march in a LGBTQ protesting parade in 1972
LGBTQ members march in a parade, encouraging closeted members to come out.
A very controversial topic. A non white, homosexual man, in the armed forces. A lot of discrimination arose for this man.
A wedding cake with homosexual couples.
Martin Luther King Jr was one of the most important people during the civil rights movement. Notice all of the grabbing hands, a sign of appreciation. King was later assassinated due to his actions.
Thurgood Marshall, the leader of the NAACP, was a key and important figure during the civil rights movement.
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