Father Gapon was the one that lead this protest. 150 000 people took the cold and snow covered streets of St.Petersburg to protest about their lifestyle.

THE PETITION THEY CARRIED STARTED: " Oh Sire, we working men and inhebitants of St,Petersburg, our wives, our children and our parents, helpless and aged women and men, have come to You our ruler, in search of justice and protection. We beggars, we oppressed and overburned with work, we are insulted, we are not looked on as human beings but as slaves. The moment has come for us when death would be better than the proplongation of our intorable sufferings. We are seeking here our last salvation. Do not refuse to help Your people. Destroy the wall between Yourself and Your people'
The people trusted on Father Gapon so much that they asked him for help
There were so so much people dead that suddenly the protest became known as 'Bloody Sunday'
'The present ruler has lost absolutely the affection of the Russian peopl, and whatever the future may have in store for the dynasty, the oresent tsar will never again be safe in the midst of his people" - The American consul in Odessa
The protest occurred throughout the country involving about 400, 000 people.
Sailors on the battleship "Potemkin" mutinied in JUne and to add more woes to the government, it became clear that on the top of all of this, Russia had lost the Russo-Japanese War (a war that was meant to have bound the people in patriotic fervour to Nicolas)
Peasants attacked the homes of their landlords; the Grand Duke Sergie, the tsar's uncle, was assassinated in February
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